Should I List My House In The Winter?

December 13, 2019

The holiday rush is in full effect as clients hurry to lock in their homes before Christmas. Our Gadsden and Huntsville offices are busy with taking care of buyers and sellers, but the question still comes up “Will anyone look at my house in the cold??

Picture it…

A buyer steps into your home and the first sensation they encounter is warmth.

The crackling fireplace sets the mood and the subtle holiday music of Michael Buble’ is playing softly from the living room. Hints of citrus, coriander and cranberries is coming from a strategically placed infuser.

One of the biggest myths we hear is that houses don’t sell in the winter. Yes there is a clear rush during the months of May through August for parents looking to find a home in that perfect school district, or workers using their vacation time to see properties when they would normally be at work. Those are highly competitive times that generally lead to a sellers market. But what about January and February? The cold months are when you long to be home, but when you need to move, that need is more immediate and sometimes the pickings can be slim if other sellers are holding off on hitting the market later in the year.

Would anyone come to my house if I listed while my trees are dead?

The big difference in Winter 2019: Job relocation and growing economies

Northeast Alabama is experiencing an economic boom that is driving the opening of new manufacturing, servicing and government jobs in multiple AL counties. It’s not unusual to see buyers coming from across the US and searching for homes at a variety of price ranges. These hiring needs are creating a housing supply problem, which is a good problem when you have to sell. The other benefit to buying this holiday season is the extremely low interest rates available to seasoned buyers and first time home buyers alike. 

What are you waiting for? Take the job, make the move, buy or sell a home and take it easy this summer, and the rest of the seasons in that perfect new nest.

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