Auction Services

In addition to selling properties at auction for individuals and corporations, we also assist with selling real estate and personal property assets in order to settle estates, clear debts and to fulfill court order sales. 

Why choose us

Court Ordered Sales
We provide public, arm length transactions through our live event auctions that produce market value. Our advertising and publications ensure that any court ordered sale will get the most exposure possible.
Bank Properties
Our auction platform allows us to sell single properties, groupings or entire portfolios while still achieving market value.
Estates & Wills
Acquired a property through a will or an estate? We work alongside your attorney to properly sell real estate property and ensure that a real estate transaction is smooth and fair for everyone involved.

From Ballrooms to Barnyards

Speak with us to see how our auction process can help you.

Give us a call at 256-442-9995 or email us at [email protected] or by clicking the link below.